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Vibrating Pelvic Wand

Vibrating Pelvic Wand

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Therapeutic Relief

An optimal massage tool for trigger point release, perineal massage, and bladder control. Designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, our dual-motor vibrating pelvic wand can be used rectally or vaginally, empowering you to tailor your pelvic therapy to your individual needs.

15 Vibration Settings

The only pelvic floor stimulator with fifteen vibration settings, four-hour battery life and a built-in memory recall, allowing you to easily access your preferred setting when powering up. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you experience any problems at all, please reach out and we will provide a full refund or replacement at no cost.

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  • 15-Settings_34d51b6e-6fe6-43fe-963b-9ff4359a4a89

    15 Settings

    1-5: Flat vibration, low to high intensity.
    6-10: Multiple patterns, low intensity.
    11-15: Multiple patterns, high intensity.

  • Memory-Recall_dec74282-875c-41a0-b870-b2a04459de22

    Memory Recall

    Recalls last used setting when powering up. No need to search for preferred setting each time.

  • 4 Hr Battery Life

    Reliable uninterrupted use. Lasts for multiple sessions on a single charge.

  • Two-Motors.

    Two Motors

    Unlike others, our vibrating pelvic wand is equipped with two motors with separate controls and memory recall.

Dual End Vibration

Level up your pelvic physical therapy routine with gentle vibrations, proven to improve blood circulation and muscle relaxation.


How often should I use a vibrating pelvic wand?

We generally recommend using your wand once or twice a day until you begin to notice a change in your symptoms. You can reduce it to 2-3 times per week or continue once per week for maintenance or as part of your self-care routine.

What types of lubricant can I use?

Water-based lubricants. Do not use petroleum jelly (Vaseline®) as it may cause irritation, nor silicone-based lubricant as it will break down the material over time

How long should I use the vibrating pelvic wand each session?

45-60 seconds of pressure to each trigger point is generally advised but it’s good to check in with a healthcare provider who knows your specific needs.

Will my vibrating pelvic wand be shipped in discreet packaging?

Absolutely! All NewFlora products arrive in elegant and discreet packaging.