The exclusive agent for Kordes Roses in the US and Canada

Founded by Christine and Gary Pellett in 2003, Newflora® is the exclusive agent in North America for German rose breeder Kordes® Rosen.  We are a research and marketing company dedicated to introducing innovative new ornamental plants for the US and Canadian markets, located in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon.  Here, all our Kordes® rose varieties go through multi-year trials in our extensive trial fields.  During the trials Newflora selects those plants which will perform well in the wide variety of climates across North America.  All new introductions are US Patent protected.

Newflora is not a wholesale producer of plants but rather works with a large number of wholesale companies throughout the US and Canada that produce and sell plants to the retail trade.

In the Kordes® tradition of innovation, we are committed to propagating no-spray, disease-resistant roses.  All trials are conducted without the use of fungicides to assess the disease resistance of the individual cultivars as well as the other characteristics of the potential introduction.  Our site is designated as a Bee Friendly Farm and all efforts are made to provide a safe and productive site for pollinators.   The farm is sustainably operated with a 7.5kW solar unit thereby lessening the need for carbon based fuels in the operation of the facility.