Pink Enchantment® Eleganza® Rose

Pink Enchantment® Eleganza® Rose








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Product Description

Pink Enchantment® Rose
Cream with pink-edged flowers; a hybrid tea with moderate fragrance. Large, cupped and slightly ruffled bloom form. Long, pointed, ovoid buds. Semi-glossy, dark green, dense, leathery foliage.


pink_enchantment_FRAGRANCE_CIRCLEPink Enchantment has a fresh fruity scent that combines a subtle note of litchi with young elder flower and plum. In the middle note is the surprising scent of muscatel, giving the rose a spicy character. In the heart note, the classic scent of roses is combined with an intensifying scent of mandarin and the earthy aspects of patchouli. The fragrance is perfectly completed with a powdery fruity note of rose

Maximum Fragrance: At noon and in the evening.

Denomination KORsouba
Synonyms Souvenir de Baden Baden
Patent No. PP 21,247
Collection Eleganza®
Class Hybrid Tea
Color Cream Pink
Growth Habit Upright, 4′ high x 3′ wide
Awards Fragrance Award 2013, Rose Trial of the Hague, Netherlands1st Prize in Large-Flowered Roses 2012, Hradec Králové Trial, Czech Republic



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