Earth Angel™ Parfuma® Rose

Earth Angel™ Parfuma® Rose








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Product Description

Earth Angel™ Parfuma ® Rose
Exceptionally fragrant peony-shaped flowers opening from dark pink buds. Foliage is bright glossy green.  The form is upright and the plant typically is about 3 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide.


This old-fashioned rose has an unusual fruity top note: the first impression is of lemon, and sparkles like a fine note of champagne, then presents a hint of elder flower and a discreet top note of ripe raspberries. Freshness dominates the heart note. An airy impression of fresh apples in the garden after a summer rain resides in the finish, accompanied by the rather soft base note with a light sweetness and a classic rose bouquet.

Peak Fragrance: At noon and in the evenings.

Denomination KORgeowim
Patent No. PP 26,836
Synonyms Herzogin Christiana
Collection Parfuma®
Class Floribunda
Color Cream-Pink
Growth Habit Bushy, 4′ high x 3.5′ wide
Awards City of Zweibrücken Prize, Baden-Baden Rose Trials 2014

Prize for Fragrance, Saverne, France Rose Trials 2014



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