The Tendenza® ‘blueOne’ Campanula variety comes to us from Rosa Danica® of Denmark, one of that country’s largest floral pot plant producers. This variety is exceptionally versatile, growing well indoors while also an excellent choice for use in the garden, where it will bloom all summer. Tendenza® ‘blueOne’ Campanula was bred specifically for exceptional shelf life, season-long blooming, naturally upright growth habit with good branching, and improved resistance to Botrytis disease. In addition, the flowers are a striking blue-violet color that are sure to stand out in any setting. Newflora® LLC is the exclusive licensee for North America and licenses commercial greenhouses for wholesale production of Tendenza® ‘blueOne’ Campanula. For the consumer, we advise you to ask for Tendenza® Campanula when you are looking for an exciting floral gift or pot for the home or patio.

All images ©Rosa Danica.

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